Innovation Design Engineering !!

Today was an ‘innovative’ day to say the least. I was curious of the IDE course when I stumbled upon it one night on the Imperial College website. I took one of my rather ‘arty’ friends along with me simply because I didn’t want to go alone. :P After several tours of the college and a presentation from both tutors and students, it finally hit me. It felt like I’ve had an epiphany, finally my degree in Mechanical Engineering was starting to make sense.

I always thought I had a clear path ahead of me; a dream of studying Engineering, then graduating and going on from there to work for a big multinational company and then earning tons and tons of money and then buying a big house and nice car(s) and marry a beautiful woman *wink*wink* :P and blah whatnot blah blahhh.. That thought drastically changed throughout the course of my uni life; I’ve had several experiences and met certain people who were part of this change. I was being very materialistic and ^it wasn’t spontaneous!!

Everything that I’ve done so far in terms of Engineering was write down formulas, memorise them and prepare for exams. I started to hate Engineering, in fact I was already hating it. It wasn’t as exciting as i thought it would be or as life changing. It was purely black and white.

I didn’t want to be that guy working 9 to 5 everyday, living the sheep life, being a workaholic, being a small ant in a big company, being bossed around by someone; it all has come to me as very pointless, I wasn’t going to be that person. I wanted to change something; and have impact on at least one person’s life. (At the very least)

This was the ideal course for me. It will put everything I’ve learnt into perspective and actually ‘engineer’ something. I’m really motivated to finish my degree right now and get on this course and ‘innovate’! :)


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