New Years!!

It’s that time of the year again; when gyms get packed out, crazy diet plans begin, people make self-promises with no purpose etc etc. HAPPY NEW YEAR. We are finally in 2013. A little fact – “2013 is the first year to have different digits since 1987.” Check yourself if you have your doubts.

The celebration of 2013 wasn’t too different to the previous years. Travelled to London and watched the fireworks among thousands of people. This time we went quite early to watch ‘The Life of Pi’ at The 02 beforehand – great movie btw, highly recommend it.

Ideally I would’ve liked to watch the fireworks right in front of the London Eye, but we weren’t early enough. All the roads are blocked off too early. Dam! Had to resort to the area near Waterloo Bridge. It wasn’t too bad of a view.

I was initially planning to take my DSLR and Tripod and take awesome pics, but it’s too fiddly in the large crowds :( Now I really wish I had taken it, lots of people had heavy equipment. ahh well. Definitely will take it next year if I end up going; or maybe the next firework event :) I’ve put up pics of the previous years and pics of fireworks which I took in basel in August 2012. Just because I love you guys <3 Have a great 2013 :)


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