Life Tuesdays: The details

Just had a great idea in the shower (that’s we’re all the great ideas happen :P, sort of) Why not start a series of some sort;

Well this is my last day of the 21-ness and it’s been an awesome year, gna be 22 in a few hours (no biggie ;) ). I’m not mega wise or anything but I know a thing or two about life; so from today I’m going to teach you older and younger peoples that little bit I know about life every tuesdays; well until I run out of ideas hehe :P. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.


Life is very simple; we are born, we survive and then we move on. Whether you like it or not, that’s the way it works. There is a lot of details involved in that short amount of time. By details I mean things such as the school/uni you go to, the friends you make, the plans you make on a saturday night, the job you choose to do in the future, the car you want to own, the list is endless and it includes details of details; if you get what I mean. Eg colour of the car or whatever.

Some of these things are necessary and others are useless; and we kind of waste out time thinking too much about these unnecessary details to life. They are mildly important, but not too important to lose sleep over. Sometimes you hear people moaning that their life is ‘complicated’. These details is partly the cause of this complication; after a while you realise some things don’t matter anymore. I always try to look at the bigger picture and decide if it’s worth doing. We came with nothing, not going to take anything away with us, so why be greedy in between? The details can be minimised, life can be simple and more streamlined.

20130130-022832.jpgThe second amazing picture represents life and the details involved from age 0 – 100 (lets just assume we live till 100). When we are very young and very old (just my theory) the details are minimal and life is very simple hence we are happy. In the middle bit life gets very stressful and complicated; why? It’s because of the details; we can’t avoid the stress but can minimise it by cutting out the unnecessary details :) :). It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s your life, your choice. The Power is in your hands. Keep it simple. Be happy.


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