Life Tuesdays: Only the good bits

I’ve been having this thought for many years now. Close your eyes (well not really! maybe later :P) and think back to your childhood days. At the very first instant you will remember the fun and the good memories you had at that stage in your life. So what is my point? In actual fact there were a lot of ups and downs, bad moments and sometimes even tragic moments; however at the instant and overall it may seem like you’ve lived in rainbowland :P as a child. [unless your childhood was a series of horrible tragic events]. Most of the bad memories and suffering is forgotten by your brain or at the very least buried very deep into the ‘memory-system’. This is my theory anyway. Agreeing or disagreeing is your choice.

This does not only apply to your childhood, that was just a taster so check if my theory works. This applies to many parts of life, school days, days out, family time, work life, going on holiday etc. Imagine how many stressed out days you had at school because of all the deadlines and work load; yet school days might be the best days of your life, people say they want to go back to school; it’s because of friends and all the fun-times together, not because they want to do the work all over again hehe.

Therefore the lesson here is: don’t take everything too seriously and stop moaning about what is not right; at the end of the day only the good bits and the sweet moments will be remembered. If it’s a rainy day go out and dance around in the rain, create good memories, be spontaneous, laugh out loud, go crazy, have a positive outlook to life; if your having a bad day then have this thought in your head, you’re less likely to remember the minor bad bits and make it through :) This may not apply to everyone, but to me it does :)


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