Life Tuesdays: Real Reasons

I think we all can agree to the fact that we hate waking up early in the morning to go to school, uni or work even; especially in the bitter cold English weather. It’s simply because we just hate it. Hate is a strong word but ‘dislike’ doesn’t really do it for the situation. So this story is mainly focused on ‘waking up early’. Why do we do it? Why do we hate it?

I remember hating waking up early around 7am, five time a week to go to school during my early days. My mum would go insane trying to get me out of bed; and I would tell her to leave the sheets as they are so I can continue my sleep after school finished :P.

Ironically I used to wake up extra early on weekends around 6ish am to watch cartoons!! If you’re a 90s kid, Tom and Jerry Kids ftw. And Saturday morning tv as a whole was the best in those days. Sometimes I used to go on adventurous road trips with my dad very early on weekends, loved doing that hence I wouldn’t really mind really waking up early for it.

We can see a pattern here! ‘real reasons’. This is not just about ‘waking up early’ (that’s just an example); but doing certain things in life for real reasons; by this I mean that your primary reason for doing something should be simply because you enjoy it and love it. Sometimes we don’t have the control over it like school days but after a certain age your life depends wholly on you. You have full power over it and you can choose whatever you want to do.

Most people choose the wrong career path because their primary motive is money, money, money (or could be fame, materialistic items or anything else). After a while they lose interest in whatever they do. Then they regret getting up every monday morning and always look forward to friday night. What kind of life is that? Do what you love, do something that matters to you, money and everything else is secondary. (But please do make an educated decision, not anything too stupid :) )


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