Life Tuesdays: Recipe for Happiness

There are three main factors that contribute to the recipe of happiness. (In my opinion)

1. Something to do

2. Something to look forward to

3. Someone to love <3

If you want to understand this further or don’t just get this at the moment then please keep reading. First things first, I’ve just cut this down to its bare bones and kept it as simple as possible.

Number one the ‘something to do’; this gives you a purpose in life, a motive, a reason to actually live life instead of just existing. The ‘something to do’ is usually outside your daily routine of school, work or family life. It can be something like a hobby, usually one that gets the right-side of the brain involved [as shown in the awesome poster below], something creative, fun, exciting. It could vary from something simple as painting a picture on a sunday afternoon to travelling around the world certain parts of the year. Just to disconnect you from the ‘real world’ and gets you into ‘rainbow land’, it will keep you happy and it will stop you from going insane (in the long-term lol :P). Personally for me it’s filmmaking, photography and sometimes travelling around(as you know should already hehe :P)

Left and Right.

Number two, the ‘something to look foward to’. This can be interlinked with the first point. Whatever you decide to do could be the thing you look forward to in the future. It will keep you excited and when the event actually happens your body system will get a shot of dopamine and endorphins. (not sure which one is effective when, i’m not a doctor.) They are the chemicals of happiness and it reduces a lot of stress that we face on a day-to-day basis. The thought of a bright and fun future will keep you happy. It will possibly increase your confidence and your self-esteem.


Number three, ‘someone to love’. I’ve deliberately put this point for last (you will understand later, keep reading). Sharing your happiness with someone else is one the best things ever, you will never know till you experience it <3 Falling in love will make your mental and physical side go through a lot of magic and you will feel elevated and overwhelmed most of the time. (I’ve exaggerated this a little, but you get the point) Having that someone in your life will keep you smiling and do a lot of other goodstuff.

The main mistake some people make is waiting for that ‘someone to love’ to bring them happiness in their life. (Sadly it’s pretty common). This is not a bad thing per say but wait! They rely on them for happiness, spending time with their ‘lover’ is the ‘something to do’, looking forward to meeting their ‘lover’ is the ‘something to look forward to’. And one day when or if they leave their life, all of their happiness is gone just like that! {Of course if you are doing the other two, you will get hurt but not to a major extent.} This is what makes certain people go crazy, become a damaged person and in certain extreme cases even go to commit suicide. someone to love

If you are not happy with life yet, make theses changes. I know I did and now I’m on the rise to happiness. Love your life, before you love someone else.


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