Life Tuesdays: Bumblebee


Studying engineering for many years. I’ve learnt a thing or two about aerodynamics, flight, lift and drag. But I’m not going to bore you guys with theories as such.

This is just a simple motivational post. Theoretically speaking according to the bumblebee; it’s shear body size relative to its small wings, and the aerodynamic-ness. It doesn’t have the capacity to fly and it shouldn’t be allowed to fly.

Yet it does! Why? Because it doesn’t know that. No one tells it that it cannot fly. How is this relevant to any kind of motivation?

In life, especially as you get older, you are going to come across people that are going to undermine you and try to push you down and say you cannot do certain things. All you have to do is ignore them and carry on and work towards making your dreams come true. Be a bumblebee.


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