Life Tuesdays: Running

I have never ever imagined saying this but running has become a major part of my life. Normally people are put off straight away when the topic of exercise arises; it is usually mentioned only once by the average Joe. Running and working out is mostly known as a cliché New Year’s resolution; normally it’s hard to stick to the gym and even if people begin something makes them give up in a few months, it is usually during March. This could be due to work commitments, family commitments, lack of will power; anything could get in the way.

I’ve been a #gymrat for quite a number of years now; I love working out from time to time, it always makes me feel good at the end of it. I endeavoured running properly on January 24th this year. Why running? Well mainly because of my stubborn belly fat, which I was striving to get rid of for many years; running is a part of getting rid of this belly, need to maintain a good enough diet too.

So yeah, I just started to run on a simple random day; running for the first time after a very long time. I ran exactly 3.1 km and if felt like I had many heart attacks and each time it felt more brutal. Usually I start to run and then I stop after a few weeks, but this time I was being really stubborn, I did not want to give up. I also got nike+ (Google it if you don’t know what it is) to monitor my progress, it’s awesome and so far it’s been very useful. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve been consistent and persistent to this day; my latest run reads 8.5km and there are no more heart attacks (thankfully). I’ve been improving over time and increasing the distance bit by bit. ‘Started from the bottom, now we here’ :P

The purpose of running has vastly changed over the past several months. It changed into something beyond my imagination. It has helped me stay on top of my game; sometimes in life some things just might make a person ‘crack’ and become insane. I had to face many obstacles and overcome many challenges in the past few months. I still remain sane today, one of the main reasons for that is running.

It helps me keep focused; at the beginning, when I run, I think about just running and achieving that distance goal in that time. Now I’ve learnt to divert my mind and focus on other things, so I do not think about running at all. I think about all the stress in life and all the life goals I want to achieve in the future. To my surprise this method is definitely working for me, and the paths to achieving these life goals has become clearer to me. I use running as a motivational tool, I burn off the stress and I push myself to the limit towards the end of the run.

If you are going through some kind of emotional pain such as heartbreak, stress then in my opinion running helps harness the pain into power. You can run harder, faster and further to release the anger and sometimes turn tears into sweat. It releases endorphins (the feel good hormone), it removes pain bit by bit and brings back the positive energy. It helps me keep my mind focused; it keeps me determined and motivated. It gives me hope, it gives me a reason to wake up extra early in the morning.

In this time, I’ve learnt some things about my mind and my body. It’s kind of like a fight between mind and body. In my experience mind is more powerful than the body, regardless of how strong or weak the body is. (It’s all in the mind) Sometimes I think my body is capable of a lot, but the mind is the letdown. If I strengthen the mind then #anythingispossible :) Running is one method of making the mind stronger and maybe if the mind is positive then that could help me achieve a lot of things in life; and to the honest, in the end becoming healthier and fat loss is just a by-product.


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