Vintage Camera

Today we live in an age of ‘famous’ selfies, hashtags and photobombing. Cameras are just another item that we carry around with us on a day to day basis, especially now that it is built into most technological devices, be that a smartphone or a gaming console.

However just over a decade ago this popularity of digital imaging devices was almost non-existent; I know, it is hard to believe. And many decades before that, before the innovation of digital SLRs, we only had film cameras, photography was a true form of art back then, especially when it came to film SLRs.

Going from a digital SLR to a vintage SLR made me realise the true artfrom of photography; not to say that it isn’t a form of art today; primarily it is easy to press the shutter button and get an adequate image whereas in those times we have to take a step back, align the settings to make sure that they are correct then press the shutter button; the theory has to be learnt before touching a camera.

Digital systems today has given us the luxury of trailing out various settings before finding the perfect exposure; it is something that we take for granted and don’t really think about.

It was quite astonishing when I discovered that every setting had a different little switch or a dial. The canon A1 has two modes; aperture priority (Av) and shutter priority (Tv). As I already had a certain amount of understanding of these modes; I was intrigued to see the changes altering the settings had; it was photography in its purest form.

One of the things I love about film photography is it’s like a pandora box full of surprises. There is an excitement in the anticipation of how the photos would turn out.

Enjoy the Gallery :)


One thought on “Vintage Camera

  1. Great thoughts between analogue and digital. I think film is great to learn. It pushes your brain to think before you shoot. You are definitely right in that aspect, that you have to think before pressing the shutter. It is sad that most people nowadays only use auto on their DSLR, althoug it has all the bells and whistles. I shoot film too sometimes just for fun. But to get the job done I love digital, full manual control, sometimes only (Av mode). I think the main benefit to shoot in digital is to not only control your shot instanly, but also to post process the raw data. Software like Lightroom and Photoshop make a 70-80% nice shot into a 100% great shot. Post processesing is for me as important as taking the shot itself. The viewer never cares about the camera (film, digital), are what has been done with it. He/she just sees: nice shot, okay shot or shxxt photo.
    Keep up your great work

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