Aspirations & Achievements #happytuesday

Everyone has some sort of dream, big or small. Having dreams, goals and aspirations is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. If shows that one has direction in life, they know what they what and where they want to be in the future.

However there is a fault in this; people have dreams and most of the time they don’t make any effort in their present to take steps in order to achieve their dreams.

They might have a vision of how their future is supposed to be. However there will be lack of action taken to make that vision a reality.

I myself was one of those people; I had a vision of how I was supposed to be in a time period in the future but took no action to work for that.

Now after detecting that flaw, I have made little changes and I started to pursue my dream.

It’s better to full-ass one thing that to half-ass two things. Become good at one thing at one time. Something to think about :)

Stay awesome.



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