Just Like Everybody Else. #Happytuesday

Sunday evening, sitting here tangled in my thoughts. An academic with a creative vision. Having achieved an engineering degree; a subject matter that finds a better way or sometimes a new and different way of approaching a problem; it has taught me a lot. Not just how to calculate numbers and analyse engineering related problem; but a little bit about life, how to live a better more efficient life and the general lifestyle that I was aiming to obtain.

It began when I went off to university many years ago; having passed my A-levels and having done everything that I am supposed to have done before I reached that stage of my life. Life was quite a challenge up until that point and I was prepared to face the upcoming challenges.

Having watched ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’, and a compendium of many other factors have made an impact, a tangental movement of thoughts in my life.

I was having a conversation with my mum one night regarding the future and other matters; and it struck me. I was following a pattern, a pattern that everybody else was following. It kind of goes like this:

GCSE > A-level > University > Job > Marriage > Children > Their lives

I had progressed to the third stage.

I see this as a blank standard life. This is the system, this is life inside the box. It’s not an easy life, it is one hard to achieve, but what would I have really achieved?

Life up until this point was predictable and if I follow that pattern (a pattern which society expects you to follow) then life would be predictable in the foreseeable future. The element of surprise, mystery and spontaneity might be removed from life. Now don’t get me wrong, life has it’s moments, but then those were only moments, I wanted a lifestyle which would contain those three elements.

If you are following that pattern that everybody else is following, then you will have to face the same problems that everybody else is facing. They freak out on a Monday, work the dreaded 9-5, spend most of life stuck in traffic, look forward to a Friday; only create goals when it’s new year (just for the sake of having a new years resolution) and many other mediocre components.

Now I’m not suggesting that you leave education, or quit your job. I’m telling you to look around and see what you are doing; some people are satisfied and completely content living the passable life. However if you aren’t feeling it then it’s time to make a change. This reminds me of something that Steve Jobs said, ‘The life that we are living is created by people who are no smarter than us, we have to take a chance and modify it for the better’

Life doesn’t come with a rulebook, and to a certain extent we are able to take advantage of that and break free. We are a limited when we are younger, but we will be older at one point hence have full control of our life, once we are there we can choose to make the changes needed for a more satisfied and a more broad life. Live the life that has traces of spontaneity, excitement and awesomeness.

Me jumping like there's no tomorrow

I have reserved admiration for people that do not follow the rule of life; and slightly bend it and create their own paths. Some may say that it is a life with a twist.

Some of the people discovered over the years and look up to are:

* Casey Neistat

* Jack + Finn Harries

* Lois Cole

* Ben Brown

* Elliott Hulse

* Lizzie Velasquez

and many many more.

Do not settle; get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Keep stretching and test your limits.

Follow your heart, live the life you love, do not care what others think; and don’t hurt anybody in the process. That’s all.

Inspire the ones who think alike and are fearful of what society may think if the ‘break’ certain rules.

Live in this world, but do not live with it.

Don’t be a number, be a name.

Just a thought.


4 thoughts on “Just Like Everybody Else. #Happytuesday

  1. I absolutely love this article. I feel you’ve touched on things that I have come to realise myself and it’s inspiring to know someone else is feeling that same way. I’ve gone through university (graduated with a degree in Petroleum Engineering) and I’ve been working for about 2 and a half years now in the oil industry and there are pressures from family and some friends to do exactly as you were describing, get married, have kids and live that kind of life. Now I’m not opposed to the idea entirely, but I feel like those are decision I have to make, not ones that I have to follow because I’m told to, in the end you live your own life, not theirs.

    Thank you for this post!

  2. What a great article – it was definitely well worth the wait! It warms my heart to see free souls around me. It gives me inspiration and hope. I hear about too many people who preach such a lifestyle yet succumb to the monotonous life within “the box”. I especially loved the short comments at the end of the post. Keep it up bro!

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