Secrets of Greenwich

The bitter strangling cold of November has arrived; sitting here sipping on some Honey tea recommended by a friend, quite the beverage to warm the soul. Anyway, trying not to get too poetical here; thought I might put up some pictures from my visit to Greenwich a few days ago. It is quite well known by the tourists as the spot with the skyline view of London; it covers all the major landmarks of this glorious city.

It was abnormally warm for deep autumn. Me and my friend were quite perplexed by this weather condition and then regretted it later when it got exponentially cold. Still managed to take some pictures of this eye candy of a cityscape, I was quite amazed by the bokelious-ness of my f1.4 lens. Have a click through and enjoy the pics :)

Thoughts and opinions are welcome, let me know if you liked the pics. (also that spiral staircase was inside the Queens House. It’s called “Tulip Stairs”, the hidden gem inside Greenwich)


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