Meat & Shake

A little disclaimer: I wasn’t intending to blog about this wonderful hidden spot in London; however I was so impressed with this dining experience that it had to be shared amongst the rest of you.

If you didn’t already know, I’m quite a foodie, a passionate eater; I love my food thus I eat in slow-motion infusing my tastebuds with all the flavours, spices and most importantly the tender meat at the core of it. Experiencing the new textures and exploring unknown complexions (are you drooling yet?)

It was Friday Night in London Town, light rain falling but that’s normal for November over here. A little reunion with an old friend,  what more better way is there to share conversation over good food. Therefore we embarked on a just-over-an-hour long tube journey to a little place called Meat & Shake (discovered on Instagram, through fellow foodies). Instantly getting lost when we walked out of Tooting Bec Station but quickly orientated ourselves and found our way with the assistance of Google Maps.

Some may say it’s small but it was quite a cosy low profile place, situated in a nice little corner of a road. A quiet ambience, couples having date nights, friends having a get together, families having dinner. We were quickly greeted by the sweet waitress and taken to our seat. The food and service was great (quite evident in the pics below). I got the ‘Luchador’ and my friend got the ‘Von Longhorn’. Both of them were very meaty and quite a treat to the tastebuds.

Many people get the ‘Smoky Bandit’, it comes closed under a lid filled with smoke and it’s all just another experience. When they open it, even though anticipated, the smoke overwhelms them with surprise and excitement, when the smoke passes just seconds later, there is it; a delicious patty, sandwiched between two soft brioche buns. Magic. What an absolute welcome!

Overall it was a nice dining experience and a good night. Highly recommend. Enjoy the picos.

All pictures taken on iPhone 5S with post processed in VSCO.


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