Windermere | Lake District

This is a much delayed blog post, eight months to be exact. A trip taken in April this year; but I was going through the pictures and it felt like it would be wasteful if it wasn’t shared among the rest of you.

A little back-story; I just had completed a major deadline at uni and it felt like it would be anti-climatical if it wasn’t followed on by an awesome reward. So I spontaneously planned a trip to Windermere (kind of sounds like a place located in Narnia) in Lake District after discovering this hidden gem on Instagram #ijusthadtoseeit

Me and my photographic adventurer friend jumped into the car and took a six hour journey up north. It was a 5am start so we witnessed the first golden hour coming through the misty roads on the motorway. Hate me if you want to but being a morning person has its perks. The rest of the story can be seen in the pics (all RAW edited using lightroom) >>

For those of you who were intrigued until this point, I’m going to reward you with a secret link to a small vlog we made during certain random points during our journey:  Enjoy!

Feedback will be much appreciated.


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