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I may have “accidentally” gone and applied for the Paris Marathon prior to writing this blog post. (Oops) [and maybe the London Marathon too (double oops), both scheduled for April 2016]. Let me explain all the emotions and thoughts I went through before I clicked that apply button.

2015-04-21 22.24.56

A number of weeks ago, I accomplished something that wasn’t even on my bucket-list (I had one a long time ago). The prime reason that it was non-existent on that list was that I was sure that I couldn’t do it. Even the the trivial thought of attempting it was insane!

Marathon running probably exists on most people’s bucket lists and some are actually working towards conquering it with the intention of ticking that box; and there is nothing wrong with that. As much as it is an elite success; that particular approach seems a bit unfitting for this fitness ambition (from my perspective anyway).

One would imagine that a marathon is just twice the difficulty of half marathon hence would take twice the amount of time to complete the circuit. I mean why wouldn’t they, it sounds very logical. That is a misconception that I fell into, it is exponentially difficult relative to any distance below it. I only understood it after passing the halfway point, that’s when I felt the first major resistance against my body. Then each mile began to be seconds then minutes slower than the previous one. Since I learnt the power of keeping a strong mind, I kept reassuring myself and continuously ignored all pain and keep moving. 

Eventually I hit a wall around mile 18, it felt like my hamstrings had a mind of their own, I couldn’t run or even walk. I had to make a long stop to have a good long stretch; I had a nice chat with one of the supporters who was sitting on the bus stop. She gave me some words of motivational reassurance; continued moving for another half a mile, the pain was so intense that I had to get some medical attention. Rested for a few minutes and got a massage, really relaxed my muscles. Then kept running and walking the rest of the race. The last 200m were the most challenging; it may seem very small relative to the overall distance; but the excitement of coming to the end was quite overwhelming and running the full length without stopping even though I really really wanted to (because stopping with just that amount of distance remaining is just disgraceful to me). 

2015-04-26 12.03.36

I wrote this well over a year ago; and even then I didn’t believe that I could conquer such a vast distance; mainly because my journey to running a marathon was quite unorthodox. It was just a very minute dream at the time. Putting it simply, it just goes to show that with persistance and perseverance, anything can be achieved. Have a dream, and make sure that every succeeding movement is something that goes into fulfilling that dream. Don’t let time become a limiting factor, use that time to work towards those dreams and aspirations. The impossible will become possible; and that feeling is awesome beyond belief.

Running is not only a physical and an independent activity; it affects other areas of life. It taught me persistance, endurance, self-belief and self-confidence. And you kind of become your own individualistic, you will learn to make decisions based on your own capacity rather than what believe about you.

I love this feeling, I love this lifestyle and I love achieving things with time; but most importantly it gives me a reason to keep training.

There are a lot of things I want to conquer in life, many of them way below the effort, physical and emotional determination of a Marathon. Now that I’ve done this, the new benchmark is set quite highly, I believe that I can now accomplish those things with a little bit of hard work and some faith.

I just wish I had started running much earlier in life, I would’ve gone much further than today.

Better later than never. 

Props to my wonderful sister to capturing the day very epically.


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