Albert Bridge | Battersea

Summer is at its dawn and nights are getting warmer; everyone knows that feeling, when you can walk around at night without a thick layered jacket and still shivering, because that’s how freezing it gets in London Town.

What turned out to be a spontaneous night drive through London turned out to be even spontaneous-er (is that a word? It must be) when we decided to make a stop at the first sight of bright warm lights, even more striking with the reflection underneath it. 

I’m usually with a more civilised group of people when such things happen, but that time I was with rebels. We decided to sneak a little exploration onto the Albert Bridge located between Battersea and Chelsea. 

That area is quite a treat during the day but at night it’s just something else. Of course I needed a signature picture at the place to mark the memory, along with a few experimental long exposures (I’m a sucker for long-exposures, you can find the settings within the image). 

Enjoy the pics and feel free to explore the place yourself (especially during the warm nights). 


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