Durdle Door

What was turning into an uneventful Sunday afternoon suddenly turned awesome when we decided to take a quick roadtrip to The South Coast.

After a two hour roadtrip in amyrani (my audi) and smurfie (sister’s fiesta) through many motorways, twisted roads and all kind of weather changes. We arrived there.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a huge amount of mist or fog (or whatever it was), it looked like a winter’s morning. I was so perplexed; it was beyond my knowledge that these occurances happened during summer especially in a beach sort of environment.

We couldn’t see anything, even at close range. For a minute we were thinking of turning back and driving back home with disappointment. That of course seemed wasteful so we thought of taking a walk down to the coast and see what the situation is down there.

Fortunately, the mist faded as we headed down but there was so much gust. I almost had to fight the wind just to move forward. Even though the horizons had limited visibility, the view was simply stunning. Many wouldn’t believe that such a sight would exist in the UK, it looked somewhat Mediterranean.

I will be going there again when there on a day with more sunshine. Enjoy the pictures.


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