Oxford Half Marathon

I spontaneously applied for this Half Marathon just a month ago. I have the Amsterdam Marathon next week and I thought this was a good way to ‘prepare’ for that race. Quite ironic because I wasn’t completely prepared for this race. When I ran my first half marathon [Royal Parks Half] exactly a year ago, I spent a lot of time and effort making sure I can run that. Maybe I’m a little more confident or maybe even overconfident,

So as usual, woke up early in the morning, fuelled up on a smoothie, fuelled up the car, then made my drive to Oxford. This was actually the second time I’ve visited Oxford and after many years; it’s a shame because I only live about an hour away. Oxford is a place full of hidden gems and I will definitely go back to explore it in full glory.

I was accompanied by my older sister; so naturally she did the photo/video coverage and sometimes holding my gear too. Anyway, back on topic; the course is wonderful, mostly flat all the way through so definitely PR territory for anyone who wants to improve their half marathon time. Although for my I didn’t beat my best half marathon time and ended up getting a 2:34. Mostly due to lack of preparation and I didn’t push myself and face injured before the Amsterdam Marathon next week.

Enjoy the picos and props to vitality for sending me a complimentary pic moments before crossing the finishing line.



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