2016 in Races

I have really exceeded my potential in 2015, with five races, two of them being marathons, one abroad too. I’ve been trying to thread running into my life, into my daily/weekly routine and make it part of my lifestyle.

In 2016 I hope to “rip apart” the following courses:

  • January 31: London Winter 10K run
  • February 14: Worthing Half Marathon [possible]
  • March 13: Silverstone Half Marathon :D
  • March 26: Regent’s Park Run
  • April 3: Paris Marathon :D
  • April 24: Virgin London Marathon
  • August 21: Isle of Wight Half Marathon [possible]
  • September 11: Great North Run
  • September 25: Berlin Marathon

People often ask me, why do you do this? what’s the point of this? There is no straightforward answer, but to put it simply it makes my normal seem awesome. It helps me balance life, not be afraid to fail, just to say f*ck it and go for things; and of course stay fit and motivated.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar

It helped me get rid of several internal demons, but lets save that part of a separate blog post.

These are the bunch of medals that I’ve achieved so far. One from 2014 and the rest from 2015.


It’s been somewhat of a slow journey but I’ve reached a total of 1000 km on nike+ [username: jonnyk3 if you’d like to add me]. Let’s go for another 1000 km.



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