Fight Through Life !!

Just thought I’d do a little post about something that has been floating around my head for the past couple of months. I’ll try and keep this one short and simple. Don’t want to make it too long for you guys.

It is currently 12:19am on a Friday night and I’m sitting here at the emergency room as my sister is receiving immediate treatment for her agonising toothache. A prime example of how you randomly get hit in the head with life’s ‘little’ problems. 

Life is a continual battle, from the day we are born until death. You will be thrown problems after problems. Let me expand on that. The first few years is purely survival and provided that you are lucky enough to be born into a stable environment, you will make it to the next bit of life. It’s more of a physical battle than a mental one at that time. Then you’re a little kid you are limited to the amount of things you’re allowed to do, we all know the annoyance we experience when our parents say no to things. At teenage you are bombarded with piles and piles of work and you just have to hope you’re not an awkward teenager, that just would make things harder. As a young adult you just get more work during university/college, after that’s done, you have to work all the time and pay those dammed bills, then kids and all that blah blah. You can see where I’m going. It’s just a blizzard of problems. Very pessimistic. 

In every potion of life there is always a problems/obstacles/challenges. There will never be a point where you can say “I’m done!!” and put your feet up. You will be innocent enough to think that when you are younger, I know I was. Now after this 25 years of ‘experience’ I can say that the best you can do it take out those little moments and enjoy that time in your life, experience the essence of that age. Do what you are supposed to at that age, just live it, don’t miss out. 

Let’s look at the flip side, in the first few years, there is discovery, wonder and learning. When you are a kid, you have no major problems in life, no headaches, no bills to pay, it’s a time to be completely and unapologetically carefree. Teenage is time for many different types of discovery, it’s a time to explore and try different things. Being a young adult is when you get your first taste of freedom and so and so.  You can see that often the positives outweigh the negatives. Be optimistic. 

Sometimes life can stop throwing stones and rocks; instead  be harsh and throw a boulder at you, which may or may not bring life to a halt (depending on the mangnitude of that smash and your mindset as an individual). To that I can say that life can be a complete sh*tstorm and you have have to keep wiping the crap off your face and keep moving forward. Have no regrets and only look back to reminisce those good moments. 

At the end of the day, we don’t remember much of the negatives, only the good bits. 

Life goes on. Just keep livin’


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