Pain & Happiness

happiness and pain.jpgWe are no stranger to dreams and difficulties in life. We all have ambitions and many of us have been through times of hardship. These are two of the many vital factors that shape us as a person.

Happiness is derived from dream and pain is a derivation of the hardship one has experienced. These develop into a person’s threshold. It’s the highest and the lowest point of each individual person.

It is a spectrum that is different for every person and changes as life progresses. One person’s life cannot be compared to another’s. It is relative. Relative being the key word here.

Someone’s pain may be nothing to yourself, and your pain may be meaningless to someone else. It’s like the saying “Your small life is someone else’s big dream.” Always appreciate what you have and embrace pain, you are never given more than you can handle; and know that it doesn’t last forever!

The best ones turn their pain into their happiness, they build a dream of something that’s affected them largely in life. It is the best kind of motivation in my opinion.

Here’s a couple of examples:

Elon Musk (PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX)

elon musk.jpg

  • Pain
    • Suffered from Malaria
    • Lost first born child
  • Happiness

    • Multi-planetary species
    • Interstellar Space Travel

Steve Job (Apple, Pixar)


  • Pain
    • Suffered from Pancreatic Cancer
  • Happiness
    • Change the world of Computing (putting it simply)

Casey Neistat (Youtuber, Filmmaker)


  • Pain
    • Left school at 15, left home, made girlfriend pregnant, had son at 16
    • witnessed the 9/11 attack at close proximity
  • Happiness
    • Doing what he loves (filmmaking) until death

Your happiness and your pain creates your story. What is your story?


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