Brecon Beacons

In the past three months, I’ve taken mini getaways during long weekends to nearby European countries; Slovenia in May, Germany in June and Denmark in July. So I decided to spend the month of August, The wonderful ‘British Summer’ in England and explore the spectacles within. One of the places that I had my eye on was Brecon Beacons National Park. Me and my fellow friends packed our bags and headed to this little patch of greenery located within Wales (that still counts as England right?). Made a little stop on the way at a little gem called Tintern Abbey. Quite the unique historical landmark, a well preserved Abbey which I personally refer to as the Naked Church (which is probably wrong anyway).

Later that evening we checked into our Airbnb, probably with the most peculiar host I’ve ever experience (maybe that story will make it’s way into my blog one day). After relaxing for a few hours, we drove in total darkness up ‘dangerous’ gradients on narrow roads to find a peak spot for stargazing. It does sound crazy but it’s good to live life on the edge sometimes. To my surprise, we were the only ones there. There usually is a few other odd people like us looking for the same thing, but today we were totally alone. We spent a good couple hours looking up the sky with our jaws dropped and managed to capture a few good shots, I think I may have caught the Milky Way in one of the images, but it’s quite faint. Let me know if you spot it as well.

The next day we spent the entire day hiking and chasing waterfalls in the national park. The weather wasn’t too great as you will see from the images, but we had low expectations as a the British summer was now long gone; so it wasn’t too much of a negative point. Overall, a well-spent weekend. Enjoy the pictures!


Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Having missed this immense event in the past two years, I was adamant to attend this year. Bristol is just under a 2 hour drive from my home, we so jumped into the car and made the trip down there. It’s a great place to visit, especially on a day like this even more so on a rare hot British Summer’s day like it was this year.

It is one of the biggest balloon fiestas in the world if not the biggest one. Usually a four day event, from Thursday to Sunday. Lots of people, activities, entertainment and most importantly food. It will definitely be a great day out with family and friends. They have two mass ascents each day, 6am and 6pm, depending on weather conditions of course. This year it went to plan and wow the views the surreal.

We were sitting in the mass ascent from the take-off point. The view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge is apparently epic; I would imagine the  views from the actual hot-air balloon would be super-epic. Definitely will try that out if I get the opportunity. I will be returning.

Enjoy the pretty pictures ;)

Durdle Door

What was turning into an uneventful Sunday afternoon suddenly turned awesome when we decided to take a quick roadtrip to The South Coast.

After a two hour roadtrip in amyrani (my audi) and smurfie (sister’s fiesta) through many motorways, twisted roads and all kind of weather changes. We arrived there.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a huge amount of mist or fog (or whatever it was), it looked like a winter’s morning. I was so perplexed; it was beyond my knowledge that these occurances happened during summer especially in a beach sort of environment.

We couldn’t see anything, even at close range. For a minute we were thinking of turning back and driving back home with disappointment. That of course seemed wasteful so we thought of taking a walk down to the coast and see what the situation is down there.

Fortunately, the mist faded as we headed down but there was so much gust. I almost had to fight the wind just to move forward. Even though the horizons had limited visibility, the view was simply stunning. Many wouldn’t believe that such a sight would exist in the UK, it looked somewhat Mediterranean.

I will be going there again when there on a day with more sunshine. Enjoy the pictures.

Albert Bridge | Battersea

Summer is at its dawn and nights are getting warmer; everyone knows that feeling, when you can walk around at night without a thick layered jacket and still shivering, because that’s how freezing it gets in London Town.

What turned out to be a spontaneous night drive through London turned out to be even spontaneous-er (is that a word? It must be) when we decided to make a stop at the first sight of bright warm lights, even more striking with the reflection underneath it. 

I’m usually with a more civilised group of people when such things happen, but that time I was with rebels. We decided to sneak a little exploration onto the Albert Bridge located between Battersea and Chelsea. 

That area is quite a treat during the day but at night it’s just something else. Of course I needed a signature picture at the place to mark the memory, along with a few experimental long exposures (I’m a sucker for long-exposures, you can find the settings within the image). 

Enjoy the pics and feel free to explore the place yourself (especially during the warm nights). 

Windermere | Lake District

This is a much delayed blog post, eight months to be exact. A trip taken in April this year; but I was going through the pictures and it felt like it would be wasteful if it wasn’t shared among the rest of you.

A little back-story; I just had completed a major deadline at uni and it felt like it would be anti-climatical if it wasn’t followed on by an awesome reward. So I spontaneously planned a trip to Windermere (kind of sounds like a place located in Narnia) in Lake District after discovering this hidden gem on Instagram #ijusthadtoseeit

Me and my photographic adventurer friend jumped into the car and took a six hour journey up north. It was a 5am start so we witnessed the first golden hour coming through the misty roads on the motorway. Hate me if you want to but being a morning person has its perks. The rest of the story can be seen in the pics (all RAW edited using lightroom) >>

For those of you who were intrigued until this point, I’m going to reward you with a secret link to a small vlog we made during certain random points during our journey:  Enjoy!

Feedback will be much appreciated.

Meat & Shake

A little disclaimer: I wasn’t intending to blog about this wonderful hidden spot in London; however I was so impressed with this dining experience that it had to be shared amongst the rest of you.

If you didn’t already know, I’m quite a foodie, a passionate eater; I love my food thus I eat in slow-motion infusing my tastebuds with all the flavours, spices and most importantly the tender meat at the core of it. Experiencing the new textures and exploring unknown complexions (are you drooling yet?)

It was Friday Night in London Town, light rain falling but that’s normal for November over here. A little reunion with an old friend,  what more better way is there to share conversation over good food. Therefore we embarked on a just-over-an-hour long tube journey to a little place called Meat & Shake (discovered on Instagram, through fellow foodies). Instantly getting lost when we walked out of Tooting Bec Station but quickly orientated ourselves and found our way with the assistance of Google Maps.

Some may say it’s small but it was quite a cosy low profile place, situated in a nice little corner of a road. A quiet ambience, couples having date nights, friends having a get together, families having dinner. We were quickly greeted by the sweet waitress and taken to our seat. The food and service was great (quite evident in the pics below). I got the ‘Luchador’ and my friend got the ‘Von Longhorn’. Both of them were very meaty and quite a treat to the tastebuds.

Many people get the ‘Smoky Bandit’, it comes closed under a lid filled with smoke and it’s all just another experience. When they open it, even though anticipated, the smoke overwhelms them with surprise and excitement, when the smoke passes just seconds later, there is it; a delicious patty, sandwiched between two soft brioche buns. Magic. What an absolute welcome!

Overall it was a nice dining experience and a good night. Highly recommend. Enjoy the picos.

All pictures taken on iPhone 5S with post processed in VSCO.

Secrets of Greenwich

The bitter strangling cold of November has arrived; sitting here sipping on some Honey tea recommended by a friend, quite the beverage to warm the soul. Anyway, trying not to get too poetical here; thought I might put up some pictures from my visit to Greenwich a few days ago. It is quite well known by the tourists as the spot with the skyline view of London; it covers all the major landmarks of this glorious city.

It was abnormally warm for deep autumn. Me and my friend were quite perplexed by this weather condition and then regretted it later when it got exponentially cold. Still managed to take some pictures of this eye candy of a cityscape, I was quite amazed by the bokelious-ness of my f1.4 lens. Have a click through and enjoy the pics :)

Thoughts and opinions are welcome, let me know if you liked the pics. (also that spiral staircase was inside the Queens House. It’s called “Tulip Stairs”, the hidden gem inside Greenwich)